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16 Sep 2004 - MTCloseComments distribution link added
08 Jan 2003 - Added the cute little green buttons
31 Dec 2002 - Added hosting logo, tweaked the links, fixed some typos.
22 Dec 2002 - Better style sheets, added HTMl editor logo.
21 Dec 2002 - Switched web site editors.
18 Dec 2002 - New domains for the kidlog.

This is my base of operations on the web. I've given up on Front Page and am now hacking raw HTML. That has become much easier since cascading style sheets became widespread. I've made a lot of progress on style sheets but what I really need now is a cool logo.

Jules Verne Takeoff As you can tell, I haven't mastered it yet. I can, however, insert a gratuitous picture of one of my rockets launching. This is an all wood rocket put together with wood glue (and just a little epoxy for the launch guides). It's in the shop now, with a little fin damage.