Burning Questions of Our Time

Q Why are you pseudonymous when it's not that hard to find out your real name?

A Inertia. When I first started engaging in the online political website world, I had only corporate web access. To be polite, I didn't want to publicly identify my employer with my distinct and often bizarre point of view. So I used a pseudonym. Now, because I want to maintain continuity with my previous existence I have kept that original pseudonym.

Q Why do you reference The Brothers Judd so much?

A I hung out in the comments sections of a number of political blogs. For some reason, even though I'm an agnostic libertarian, they are my favorite. I think that it's that their views are close enough to mine so that I don't scream at the computer "how the #$@% can they think that?" every post but different enough that my own views are illuminated.

Q You mentioned corporate web access. Do you have an actual job?

A Yes. I am a computer professional working for a large technology firm. I've been slinging code professionally for over 25 years. Some of it has actually worked. My co-workers consider me an endless source of baroque but not easily understood designs.

Q Code that worked? That's a bold claim. Any evidence?

A I am best known for the "Epoch" editor, which was a variant of GNU Emacs. It was eventually in use on 6 continents until it was supplanted by Emacs 19. There are still people alive today besides me who have used it.